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24th Day of Christmas: Nutella Hot Chocolate

24th Day of Christmas
We do Christmas presents on Christmas Eve after eating so it is unlikely we will add coca to the list of food items; however, we often get together on Christmas day for stockings and sometimes breakfast. So in the past we've done different types of cocoa. We've had peppermint (more of an add on since not everyone likes it), a mocha one which wasn't the best (so I'm waiting on a recipe that might be better), we've done it mixed with other chocolates which didn't change it much, and we did Bailey's one year at the request of my mother. I'm sure there were more but I can't remember them all.

This year things will be a little different with Christmas landing on Sunday but I'm considering taking this to church for everyone to enjoy.

4 cups low fat/skim milk
2 tablespoons Nutella, a chocolate hazelnut spread (or any hazelnut cacao spread)
2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
2 tablespoons natural sweetener of choice/raw sugar

Optional Toppings:
Crushed hazelnuts
Chocolate chips
Extra Nutella

Make It

  1. Heat milk in a medium sized saucepan on medium - high heat until beginning to warm and steam.

  2. Add the spread, cocoa powder and sugar, and whisk until dissolved and combined.

  3. Bring to a gentle simmer while stirring, and take off heat.

  4. Serve with your desired toppings.

If you want to get this going a head of time:

  1. In a slow cooker combine dry ingredients and mix with a spoon.

  2. Add the Nutella and then pour the milk over everything. Stir well. Mixture might look off but as it heats it should blend together. You may need to stir it occasionally.

  3. Cover and cook on high for 2-3 hours or until completely hot.

  4. Serve with any of the additional toppings.

So I don't know about the chopped hazelnuts. I think dropping nuts into the cocoa is a little odd but to each their own. I definitely can see marshmallows or just extra chocolate.

However, you can add additional Nutella to the mixture. The Nutella will melt pretty well so if it all gets hot and incorporated and you feel it needs a little more of the flavor you can had another tablespoon or however much you think necessary. Just let it melt in and stir it well.

This is the pro-picture which grabbed my attention:

Days Til Christmas: 1
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