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23rd Day of Christmas: Homemade Christmas Sign

23rd Day of Christmas

I didn't plan this well enough. I can admit that. I should have done this one early on but I had so much trouble finding all the parts mostly because with everything going on, I didn't have time to get to the craft store. My bad. So here is the what happened. I was looking for homemade signs online. I came across this one which turns out is for sale on Etsy for $56. But my first reaction was I could make that myself.
Okay so it isn't exactly the same but partially that was due to my procrastination because all the big Js and Ys were gone at the craft store and I had to go for smaller ones.

J & Y made out of word, paper or whatever you can find.
Twig wreath that is approximately the same size.
Some form of twine that will tie them together
Ribbon for the wreath
Paint is optional (I needed 2)

So because I fould this cardboard like J & Y (I have no idea what they are actually), they needed to be painted. They did have pre-painted letters but as I said they'd either have no J, no Y or none of either. But in these letters they had both. Also the are usually hanging up at the store so they have those little hanging tabs on them. Don't remove them because it makes it easier to tie everything together.

I took them outside to a table where I laid down newspaper and sprayed them down with paint. You need to wait 24 hours for them to dry and then add a second coat or touch them up. (I wish I had a useable garage.)

Next step is tying a ribbon around the wreath. I'm not good and ribbon or bows but it isn't too bad. Of course, it took me two tries because the first time I didn't make the ribbon long enough. This one is still iffy but I like it.

Then we need to tie it all together. I ended up going back to JoAnn's and begging some of those retail hanging tabs from them which helped a lot.

You can use the tab on the top of the J to hang it up with and the tabs on the Y to tie it to the wreath. You can just tie the wreath to the bottom of the J with twine.

Then we have to give it the ability to hang up whether outside on the door or in the house.

I have a feeling it would work bettern with bigger and heavier letters but I still love the way it came out.

Days Til Christmas: 2
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