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11th Day of Christmas: Fun Holiday Ornaments

11th Day of Christmas
A very easy and fun way to get kids making ornaments is melting beads. They are actually fun for the whole family.

A lot of my young cousins have these buckets of beads you make designs with and then put parchment over before using an iron to melt them together. Very fun. You can also melt them and pony beads in the oven.

Melting Beads and/or Pony Beads
Cookie cutters (metal)
Cookie Sheet
Oven (toaster ovens work too)

So here is the idea. You can use some metal cookie cutters and place them on a parchment lined cookie sheet. [OOPS Spray them with cooking spray to prevent sticking!] Then you fill them with colored beads with no pattern at all or you can get creative like above (over below).

You then put them in the oven on 400F for about 10 minutes and you have loved bead ornaments which kids can hang on the tree or give away.

But then there are the pony beads which I like more and more. You can just place them on the parchment coved cookie sheet and bake them. I love how the opaque ones came out.

These are by far my favorites but you can do them as you like and it is a really fun thing to do with kids which doesn't make a horrible mess though I'd watch out where those beads go. To hang tjese ones you'll need some string or fishing line but for the others you can probably string through an opened bead.

Days Til Christmas: 14
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