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8th Day of Christmas: Gift for the 4 Legged Kind

8th Day of Christmas
I don't know about you but when I have a pet they get gifts too. They are hard not to love and being as they are an animal and not a child they don't always show a lot of enthusiasm for the things we get them. But you can always see it when they play with a new toy. However, we don't always have the money to buy some of the expensive things out there for our furry friends. So I found two ideas for pet gifts. One cat, one dog.

Have you ever bought one of those crinkle dog toys that your pup just adored. Why not just make one?

What you need:
Empty Water Bottle
Old Sweater or pair of jeans

What you do:

  1. Place the water bottle into the leg or arm of whatever clothing item you are using.

  2. Cut it off leaving about 6 inches on each end.

  3. Knot the clothing at each end of the water bottle to secure the bottle.

  4. Cut the remaining ends into strips and make more knots in those for a little extra chewing action.

  5. Now you have one of those crinkle dog toys.

Have you seen those cat toys where they have to work for their treat? We can make one at home!

What you need:
Disposable food container
Utility knife
Very sharp scissors
Black marker
Rubbing alcohol
Small rubber adhesive casters
Small cat toys/balls (one with a bell makes it fun)
Cat treats or food

What you do:

  1. Flip the container over and put the casters on the bottom.

  2. Remove the lid. Use the marker and something circular (shot glass) to make a few circles diagnolly across the top.

  3. On a protected surface use the utility knife to cut and X in the circles. They use the scissors to cut out the circles.

  4. Remove and black marker with the rubbing alcohol.

  5. Melt the edges with the lighter to protect paws.

  6. Grab some of those toys they never seem to touch and toss them into the container.

  7. Toss in treats or kibble.

  8. Now you have a fun puzzle for your feline friends.

Where I found this amazing suggestion (if only my outdoor kitties cared) also suggested cutting out a corner so your cat can actually obtain a treat because it is possible those circles just won't allow for it. Just don't forget to melt the edges so the cats paws don't get hurt.
Now watch them go nuts because they will.

Days Til Christmas: 17
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