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Thankful Day 22: Turkey Cheeseball and pets

So I saw this online and I thought it was way too cute not to share. And because it was an animal it was the perfect opportunity to be thankful for pets. I miss my childhood dog and my kitty that passed away several years back but I'm so grateful for the time I had with them. They were special animals who I believe I was meant to love and cherish.

That is how I feel about these two as well. Zoe is one of the feral cats who now lives on our front porch, sleeps in the bed we made for her, and puts her little paws up on the door and cries out when she wants a treat. So spoiled. I can't help but love her. Her Mama is very much the same but apparently allergic to photography. Couldn't get a picture of her to save my life.
Then there is Luna on the right. She's my cousins dog but I see her constantly at work. She comes down to visit and she's that dog that flops down and wants love really bad. She always shows up on Mondays when there are tons of children around because she's so happy there are so many little people who will play with her. She walks up to the children slowly and sits in front of them and you here those kids get excited and they squeal her name. She loves it. She's a really sweet dog and she'll always be one of the ones I remember as special.

Pretzel sticks
1 Slim Jim
2 Candy Eyes
Round Chocolate Candy like a Whopper or Chocolate Pom poms for the head
1 candy corn

Make It

  1. Few teaspoons of melted chocolate to adhere the eyes and beak.

  2. With some melted chocolate, stick the eyes and beak on the Slim Jim and put in freezer to harden.

  3. Put your cheese ball on the plate.

  4. Surround with crackers

  5. Stick the pretzel sticks in.

  6. Add Slim Jim to the cheese ball for the neck and face.

  7. Keep in the refrigerator until you put out for guests.

Who are you grateful for today? I'm opened to pictures of pets!
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