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April 04 2006 @ 05:16 pm
Andromeda: Just a World Away, TA/OFC, [PG], 6/7  
Title: Just A World Away
Author: SireesAnwar
Show: Andromeda
Part: 6 of 7
Rating: PG
Characters: Dylan, Tyr, Beka, Harper, Trance, OFC (Sirees), Other OCs
Archiving: Command Deck
Warnings: Action, Drama
SPOILERS: None that I know of.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Andromeda characters so don't sue me. The character, Sirees Anwar and all other original characters are mine and I hope you like them.
The Andromeda crew comes across a strange beacon and someone from Tyr's past. Dylan and crew struggle to help a world with a leader who is hiding more than she uncovers.
AN: I wrote this story before taking the penname SireesAnwar. I just really liked the character and I hope you do too.

Chapter 6: Confessions

Andromeda: Observation Deck

Dylan walked out onto the Observation Deck. Andromeda had informed him Sirees was on board and since she hadn’t come to see him he assumed she’d gone off to think. Andromeda had confirmed his suspicions in regards to her location. “Sirees?”

Sirees jumped. With all her training, with all her heightened senses, she hadn’t known he was there until he called her name. She turned to face him trying to seem happier than she was. Her encounter with Trance had made a big impact; she was contemplating a confession. Trance had a highly annoying point, but then the fact her secrets had possibly harmed Juni made things worse. “Dylan.” She said somberly.

Dylan crossed the deck slowly, trying to figure the best way to broach the subject Tyr had brought up. “Do you trust me?”

Sirees looked up at him quickly. In all of her life, she remembered very few people actually asking her that question and she knew it would be followed but something she wouldn’t like. “I trust you.” She eyed him questioningly.

“Then why are you lying to me?” Dylan crossed his arms in front of him. He knew the best and probably the only way to get the information he needed was to pry it out of the one constant in all of this.

“I’m not lying about anything.” Sirees started to walk past him but his hand closed around her arm.

“Tell me.”

“Tell you what?” Sirees tried to keep the annoyance out of her voice but it was growing harder by the moment.

“Tell me why you tampered with the beacon?” Dylan bent down slightly to look her in the eye.

Sirees had done her far share of obscuring the truth. She’d done as many covert things as her time would allow her but now her secrets seemed to be on display for this human to see and comment on. She had honestly thought fooling him would be simple and was surprised to find out in the short time they’d known each other, he understood her better than most. “What makes you think I tampered with the beacon?”

“Because I saw you in the control room.” Dylan leaned against the wall next to the both of them. “You had to think about telling us the code was yours and I saw it in your face when you decided it would throw the suspicion off you. I’m pretty sure you started this and I want to know why.” He looked at her almost understandably.

Her face remained serious as she stared at him in disbelief. Not that he was blaming her for what happened but that he had hit it on the head… okay he didn’t now how and why but he knew enough and she was mildly surprised… mildly because she didn’t really expect anything less from Dylan but surprised because he truly didn’t doubt she’d tampered with the beacon and she had to respect that he didn’t second guess his instincts. “You serious believe I’d jeopardize the Ladonians?”

Dylan looked somewhat hesitant to tread on that line of questioning but forged ahead nonetheless. “I didn’t say I believed you’d jeopardize the Ladonians, speaking of which, you don’t seem willing to call them your people. Instead you separate yourself from them, which I admit concerns me, but in all truth I don’t think you’d jeopardize them. That being said, you did, and I want to know why?” Dylan waited for her response but added, “Tyr seems to think you’re dangerous.”

She wanted to laugh because he was far more perceptive than she’d ever given him credit for and he clearly had her pegged but she wasn’t going to laugh… no it was time to give in a bit and tell him what was really bothering her. Of course, she was willing until she heard Tyr’s thoughts on her. She scowled at Dylan. “Shove it.” She walked off the deck.

Andromeda: Command Deck

Dylan was on the Command Deck of the Andromeda standing next to Rommie who had called him up from the Obs Deck after his bout with Sirees. He punched the screen in front of him. He now knew the anger portion of Sirees’s emotional outburst was more than justified. He braced himself on the console in front of him and hung his head. “Is this report accurate?” He already knew the answer to his question.

“I’m afraid so.” Rommie starred at him.

“Then I suppose we’ll have to tell Sirees.” Beka stated as she looked to Dylan who looked more upset at the recent turn of events than she did.

Andromeda: Medical Deck

Tyr walked out onto the deck and immediately noticed Sirees standing next to the man he knew as Juni. He felt bad Sirees’s friend had been injured because he knew she’d blame herself. “Sirees?”

She turned to look at him. “What the hell is your problem?” She was baiting him on purpose. She couldn’t believe Dylan had thought her a lair on his own. She never gave him a reason. Well, that’s not entirely true. Sure she didn’t say everything but who did anymore.

Tyr had never expected anyone to say anything of the sort to him. He looked at the source of his growing aggravation. “I have no idea what you’re referring to.”

Sirees was madder than she had been in years. She crossed the space between them. “You know damn well what I’m talking about. You had a little talk with Dylan. You told him I was dangerous!” She knew she would get the truth out of him.

Tyr’s face contorted in mild anger. “You and I both know there is no secret to that.”

“Doesn’t matter. The man doesn’t trust me now!”

“Rees…” Tyr tried to move closer.

“Don’t, Tyr.” Sirees turned her back on him and walked forward trying to keep some distance between them. She still felt the overwhelming connection between them but couldn’t stand to acknowledge it.

“Why won’t you listen to me?” Tyr stopped her in her tracks. “You’ve been avoiding me.”

Sirees knew she had to just end the torture of being on the same ship and wanting to talk about what broke them apart. She turned to face him. “What is there to say? That you knew about my heritage but that isn’t why you did what you did. You only wanted me. You loved me…”

“Love.” Tyr said.

Sirees just stared at him. “It isn’t there for me anymore. You held on to something I let go of. I’ve moved on. I’ve lived my life. Do the same.” She started to walk away, but Tyr closed the space between them and prevented her from leaving.

“You’re lying.” He stood in front of her.

Sirees looked up at him. “Does it really matter? It was a long time ago, Tyr. There’s no going back now.”

“Tyr.” Beka’s voice broke over the comm.

“What is it, Beka?” Tyr was slightly annoyed he and Sirees had been interrupted just when he thought she might give in to him.

“Commodore Talor, called looking for Medi Anwar. Senator Ursal was murdered.”

Beka’s voice was like a knife slicing through Sirees’s repose. Her whole world started to spin wildly out of control as she realized exactly what was happening and why. Finally, every game, every intrigue, every suspicion was coming to a head. Maybe Dylan’s interference would be far more useful than she had originally anticipated.

“We’re on the Med Deck.” Tyr hung his head feeling like whatever secrets Sirees was hiding were getting them deeper and deeper into trouble.

Andromeda: Medical Deck

“Ursal might not agree with me being Medi and he might not agree with the way I run things… hell he doesn’t agree with anything I do but I can’t believe he had anything to do with attacking Juni!” The whole thing didn’t sit right with Sirees. She had known Ursal so many years and while they weren’t friends they had what she thought was mutual respect. “He was murdered after all.”

Beka had gone with Dylan to give the bad news. It disgusted her to see both Dylan and Tyr so blatantly taken away with the Medi. Didn’t they see what she was doing? Of course, her own suspicions had recently gotten the better of her. She, of course, shared her information with Dylan, but he seemed to shrug it off. That annoyed her. “I’m afraid Rommie’s scans of the wounds Juni sustained picked up on Ursal’s DNA. He was present if not the perpetrator.”

“Look Beka, I know a thing of two about the people on this planet and despite Ursal’s bad reaction to the Commonwealth and to me he isn’t a terrorist. He didn’t do this. The fact that someone murdered him makes it rather obvious don’t you think?” Sirees shook her head.

Trance was on the Med Deck working on the samples she had collected. Trance wasn’t sure why Medi Anwar had been so generous with her trust and why she wasn’t questioning the ties that were obviously being cut one by one. Trance looked at the other’s who had come to discuss the latest news with her… Tyr, of course; Dylan; and Beka.

Trance had been a witness to Tyr and Sirees’s recent outburst. She stayed out of their way and was shocked to hear Tyr confess to being in love with Sirees. She had thought as much but had never expected Tyr to admit it openly. She had seen enough to know Dylan’s suspicions were founded.

Andromeda’s translucent form appeared next to Dylan. “I haven’t made any mistakes. Senator Ursal’s DNA was at the crime scene and on Juni.”

“So what he tried to kill Juni and then what, shot himself from three feet away? You’re not going to get me to believe that.” Sirees turned from them.

Beka tried not to make Sirees more upset but she had to face fact. “You’re right.” That left a bad taste in her mouth. “It appears Ursal was the scapegoat for whoever is pulling this off.”

“Or he had information our real killer wanted to keep from coming to light.” Harper walked into the infirmary waving a flexi.

Sirees stepped forward quickly. “You found something?”

“It’s not DNA but its pretty damning.” Harper handed the flexi to Sirees who didn’t hold onto it long because Dylan plucked it from her hands.

Harper smiled cautiously at his Captain and then explained. “Dylan asked me to ignore whoever disrupted the beacon logs and focus more on the room. It only took me a few moments to realize the beacons had a remote link jacked into it.” Harper walked over to the screen on the computer and punched up his finding which clearly traced the remote link to the source.

A Dragan signal. “So there are Dragans on Ladonia?” Sirees stared at Dylan.

Dylan wanted to comfort the lair in front of him. She kept secrets but something told him his instincts had been dead on. She had done something to the beacons, but she wasn’t the trying to cover her tracks. He glanced at Trance who seemed to indicate she knew what he was thinking and that she agreed. He wanted to shiver but stopped himself. Trance’s, sometimes all knowing, gifts were a little hard to deal with at times.

Tyr gritted his teeth. “It would appear so.”

Beka folded her arms across her. “My bet is someone close to you is working for them.” If not you.

Trance stepped forward. “We could try proving it.”

“How?” Sirees turned to look at the mystery woman.

“By using one of the secrets you’re keeping from Dylan.” Trance smiled broadly, yes, confrontation gave her insight as did the time around them.

Andromeda: Medical Deck

Trance had gone to the Hydroponics Deck to fetch some herbs she knew would make Juni feel much better. He’d woken up only shortly after she suggested a course of action in drawing out the Dragan hiding among the Ladonians. Sirees had been shocked when she realized Trance knew about her, but agreed without hesitation. It was comforting to both her and Sirees to know Juni would survive and be fine.

Trance walked out onto the Medical Deck only to find Beka, Rommie and the holographic form of Andromeda waiting for her.

“Trance, you’re holding back on us?” Beka looked at her.

“Beka, what I see in the time stream can only be revealed by those it pertains to. I do not discuss what I see in your time.”

Beka swallowed hard. “What?”

The holographic form of Andromeda looked to Rommie and then disappeared. Rommie simply turned to Beka. “I think maybe we should table this discussion for the future.”

Beka nodded as she left with Rommie, though she still wondered what Trance knew about her she wasn’t telling.

Trance watched them go and then smiled. “You’d never know her mother was… so important.” She put away some herbs she’d given Sirees Anwar to… help her.

Ladonia: Temple

Juni stood inside of the temple staring up at the ceiling; he came here frequently as everyone would know. His attacker knew this was a long shot. What were the chances someone would believe Juni had survived his attack and had told everything? But then again his attacker was staring at him. He was doing as he always did, paying his respects to those who had come before. Medi Anwar had only recently announced Juni would be as good as new but it was likely it would awhile before he would recall who his attacker was.

“You should have died when I hit you!” A voice yelled from behind him. “Why is it so hard to kill people these days? Can you tell me that Juni?”

Juni turned around quickly not believing his ears. “Casselle?” Juni threw the robe concealing him to the floor. “Why?”

Casselle had been prepared and had come with a disruptor she had taken from Medi Anwar. “Why not?”

“You framed Ursal for attacking me?” Juni seemed outraged. “And then you killed him? I don’t understand.” Juni starred at Casselle.

“Yes. You see. Ursal was stalling my inauguration as Medi and he was snooping. He took it upon himself to start digging into my ‘roots’ on Ladonia. A major problem when you’re not from this planet. I can’t wait to have these alterations changed back to my Nietzschean form. If only I had my blades.”

“And Randir?” Juni watched Casselle.

“The man is daft. I changed the communications being sent to him to make him believe Medi Anwar was negotiating with the Dragans. Having him stumble on the shielding was much harder than convincing him Medi Anwar needed to be removed.” She laughed strangely. Every hint of her harmonious tone was now gone.

“So you killed him.” Juni relaxed a bit preparing himself to lung at Casselle. He was considerably stronger but nevertheless not as well trained, and likely to lose in hand to hand combat, at least that was what Casselle believed.

“He was worthless.” Casselle moved closer to Juni. “Things would have progressed had you not discovered the access link into the beacons that I painstakingly put there so I could control the beacon’s logs from a remote location. When you traced the access port I had no choice but to remove you. Problem was with all that had been going on Medi Anwar has beefed up security and I heard guards coming before I could finish the job. That won’t be a problem this time.”

Juni took that moment to launch himself at Casselle but to his dismay she was ready for him and he hit the ground with a loud thud.

“Such as stupid move.” Casselle walked over and knelt next to him pulling out a dagger from her cloak. “No witness’s, remember.”

“Medi Anwar knows it was you. She will catch you and kill you and she will show no mercy for what you have done.” Juni spat at her.

“Don’t worry. Medi Anwar is my next stop. She won’t know what hit her.” Casselle raised her fist containing her dagger above Juni.

Dylan came to a halt as he entered the temple at the cue he had been given. “I thought you said you could take her?” Dylan yelled to Juni.

Casselle crouched over Juni. She looked up at Dylan and laughed. “No matter, I was trained by Sirees, I am sure I could take you both.” Casselle turned her head towards Juni. “It would appear your Medi did care to come herself? It’s a pity she won’t have the opportunity to save you.” Casselle was about to plunge the knife into Juni when his hand grabbed her.

“Don’t bet on it.” Juni shifted under Casselle and sent her flying away from him. Casselle regained her composure quickly staring at Juni with bewilderment. Before Casselle’s eyes the person she had thought to be Juni changed into Sirees Anwar. “You see Juni is still on Andromeda though he will pull through and you just confessed to your judge and executioner.”

“Medi?” Casselle sneered at Sirees.

“That’s right.” Sirees launched herself at Casselle and the two of the rolled across the floor. Casselle’s hands immediately wrapped around Sirees’s throat but that didn’t stop Sirees from slamming a fist into one of the fake gills on the side of Casselle jaw. Casselle screamed in pain and promptly released her grip on Sirees’s throat. Her Nietzschean physiology was sensitive where a Ladonian’s gills were located. A nice little tidbit from Trance along with the herb that prolonged the shift.

Sirees jumped to her feet and prepared herself for another attack, which took no time at all. Casselle was fuming and she ran straight for Sirees who fell back throwing her legs up and sending Casselle flying into the wall behind Sirees. Casselle slammed into the wall with a deafening crack.

Sirees got back to her feet and marched over to Casselle who was clutching at her arm and trying to catch her breathe. Sirees didn’t look any worse for the wear as she reached for Casselle and lifted her off the ground by her throat. “You are a murderer and you will be punished.” Sirees growled.

Dylan quickly came up behind her and placed his hand on her shoulder. “Sirees, leave her to the Ladonian people.”

Sirees paused for a long moment, and Dylan thought Casselle was a dead woman, but Sirees finally pushed her off to one side and a team of military police rushed into the temple lead by Talor. Sirees turned to Talor. “Casselle, confessed to being the one behind Ursal murder and Juni’s attack… she is a Drago-Karzov.”

Talor nodded.

Sirees walked past him and outside. Dylan followed her after speaking with Talor. “Sirees?” She stopped in her tracks and turned slightly to look at him. “How long did you know?”

“Know?” Sirees’s violet eyes seem to glow slightly with a small amusement.

“There was a traitor and you knew it.” Dylan looked at her expectantly.

“I’ve known that for a while. Only suspected Casselle since you arrived.” She smiled at him.

Dylan huffed and shook his head. “But you chose her as your successor?”

“Dylan,” She approached him slowly, “Casselle was the only one who found my ship, remember, I told you. That alone would make me suspicious, hell even I have trouble finding it without the bracer, but I chalked it up to dumb luck. But then I realized something was off with Casselle. When I was in the infirmary with Randir, she came in. She told me it was to see if I needed anything but no one knew I was there. It got me thinking that it was likely she could tamper with the beacon if she used technology not from Ladonia. Juni’s attack wasn’t enough, but when Ursal died, I knew I was right about Casselle, you see he was curious about her as well and he was looking into her supposed history on this planet.”

“The beacons? What did you do to them?” Dylan looked to her. “I know you were the one who messed them up?”

“Of course. I went in to check up on my message. I discovered someone had removed it. I re-recorded it. My problem was if a Commonwealth ship approached and the Dragans had taken over they would have lied to you. Told you they were fine and that they had no interest in joining the Commonwealth. If the beacons were down…”

“We’d investigate, thinking you were in trouble.” Dylan ran his hands through his hair. “You were twelve steps ahead of me the entire time.”

“Give yourself some credit Dylan… it was more like eleven steps.” She smiled at him. She wasn’t about to admit she’d mistakenly screwed up more of the beacon systems than she’d intended… Dylan wouldn’t be impressed by that.

“You’re pretty good at this Medi thing.” He had to admit it. She knew how to play the odds and move people around like piece on a chess board. Her strategy to determine the character of her successors was brilliant and handed her information she may have not known.

Sirees looked up and him sadly. “It doesn’t matter much now does it because soon I won’t be here.”

“And, of course, you have no intention of telling my why your leaving?” Dylan looked at her as she shook her head in response. “Fine.” He sighed.

Chapter 7: And Goodbye