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Thankful Day 8: Canning Ring Pumpkin

I guess I should be grateful for my aunt's inability to throw stuff out. She has a lot of extra and scuffed up canning rings which she didn't think she'd use for anything so she let me have them. So I'm grateful for her clutter. LOL

I saw these last year and wanted to make them but never did it even though they are really easy to make.

Canning Rings
Yard or Ribbon
Cinnamon Sticks or Candles or something else for the center
Orange Spray Paint (Optional)


  1. If you are feeling so inclined you can spray paint all the rings orange for more of a pumpkin look. I like the rustic look so I didn't do it.

  2. Cut a long piece of ribbon or yarn (a foot maybe).

  3. Slide rings onto ribbon all going same direction.

  4. Tie together tightly. Cut off remaining ribbon.

  5. Fan out the rings as evenly as possible.

  6. Add your sticks, cinnamon sticks or candle to the center to secure pumpkin shape.

They store pretty easily for the next holiday season though be careful not to crush the metal out of it's shape. So easy and so fun. I made two and I'm thinking I'll give one to the aunt since she doesn't throw out anything. LOL

What are you grateful for today?
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