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Jill aka Jo

Thankful Day 5: Lots of Work

I have been very busy at work. So much so I barely have time for much else. But I'm grateful. How can I not be knowing there are people out there that have lost jobs or are struggling more than myself. Sure I complain on a regular basis about the amount of work or the lack of help, but I'm still grateful for what I have and I hope it lasts. I'm told I have the skills to do something else and yet to some degree I love what I do. I get a sense of accomplishment at seeing an ebook go live or a website feature be implimented. I can't say this is my ideal job but it is definitely work I can get behind.

I actually think there is a lot we take for granted whether it is the fact that we have income coming in or the place we work for. Sure we all want raises and to have more money but sometimes getting these things means people will lose their job because our companies need to make the money before they can spend it. Sometimes it is a good idea to be grateful for the boss who juggles all the things that keep you employed. Or maybe even all the deadlines that blow past which extend your projects and keep you employed??

So I suppose we should also be grateful for the customers who come in and annoy us because without their financial backing we can lose all that work we complain about. I'll have to remember that next time "the most annoying man in the world" call and asks me a zillion questions about what he has at home. Sometimes it isn't as fun to consider the source of the things we enjoy getting like money.

I know some of you are very grateful for the jobs you've got even though there are things to complain about. I get it. There is always something that is just hard to deal with or another example of a boss or co-worker taking you for granted. Wouldn't it be nice if they were grateful for all you did?

What are you grateful for today?
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