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Naked Nobility Series by Sally MacKenzie

Author: Sally MacKenzie
Series: Naked Nobility (#1,, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6.5, 7)
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So what I thought this series was about really came down to the first book. In The Naked Duke the books starts out with a misunderstanding which leads said Duke to end up in the bed of a respectible lady completely naked. So I did believe all of these would have them in interesting situations like this in a Regency setting which is obviously a no no in such a time period. All the rules of propriety and what is socially acceptable where even waltzing is barely alound. But mostly these books weren't like that. They did have our heroes and heroines in scandulous situations but it often seemed to repeat to some degree and in some of the books even after they'd been found in such situations they didn't do what the time demanded and get married which made their lives pretty miserable and prolonged the story.

Now The Naked Earl was great in that the earl in question fled his own bedroom when an unwanted woman tries to trap him into marriage, only to end up in another woman's bedroom without cloths and is nearly discovered.

My favorite of the series was The Naked Laird and The Naked King. In The Naked Laird (which is a short story) the Laird and his estranged wife are attending the same party where the hostess takes it upon herself to try to bring the two back together by putting them up in the same room. Due to some sad events and, of course, misunderstanding they have been estranged for a decade after a miscarriage. But close quarters and a little bravery bring them together.

But in The Naked King it isn't actually a king but a man dubbed The King of Hearts. What happens is that in a series of rather silly events they are "compromised" on the street for passersby to see. Stephen simply nips the scandal in the bud by saying he is engaged to Anne who feels herself to be a confirmed spinster but finds she can't resist the man who is out to save her reputation and who decided almost immediately he'd be more than happy to marry her.

Overall the series is just middle ground but if you like regency romance and want something that doesn't require more than you to sit back and relax and enjoy the antics... this is a good series for you.
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