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June 28 2016 @ 12:06 am
Battlingof Bastards to the Winds of Winter...  
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Okay the season is over now and I have to say if you haven't been watching... you should be because wow. Just wow. I think this might just be the best season yet. I felt like nearly every episode had this wow moment. No, it wasn't like in every episode there was a big reveal... only 2. But there are these moments. Little things that GOT is just getting right. You need to be watching this.

So I'm going to give my reactions for both episodes The Battle of Bastards and The Winds of Winter. If you've not watched either episode, don't read ahead unless you like spoiling everything for yourself. Some of you do. Oh and I have to warn you this post is GIFy. I found all these amazing gifs and I plan to use them.

The Battle of Bastards
If you've been watching so far you'll know this has to be Jon and Ramsay because they are the two "bastards" which are rather prevalent in this season and really the series.

But first we visit Dany's story in which she meets with the Master's who wanted some form of slavery and are now betraying the pact that made with Tyrion. They want Dany to surrender but she tells them they are mistaken as they are the ones who are going to surrender which becomes apparent when Drogon appears to make them mess their pants. *evil laugh* And then Dany boards flight turn and burn and we see her set fire to the Master's ships, which she could have used for her army but this is easier when the goal is defeat.

 photo tumblr_o93tfufOaG1s6bxzqo1_540.gif

Daario (I love him in Orphan Black and miss him there) arrives with the Dothraki who stop the Slavers in their tracks by killing them all. (I feel only mildly sick that I loved this.) And when the two Master's turn on the guy who wasn't born into their ranks... they die not the new guy at Grey Worm's hand. Go Grey Worm.

We also see the Greyjoys trying to convince Dany to let them join their cause. They are there mostly to regain what is theirs and probably thinking they can outwit Dany but she's not inclined to fall for flattery and promises. Dany wants the Greyjoys to stop their raiding, reaving, pillaging, and raping but Yara is a little stunned because that is just what they do. But Dany wants to leave the world a better place than their parents did. And you'll play by her rules or you are Dragon food. So there. But here I think Yara is actually intrigued by more than Dany's looks. She's a powerful woman and Yara gets it.

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Meanwhile in the North; Jon, Sansa and company meet Ramsay before the battle so he can offer them terms of surrender which are basically Ramsay taunting them with his superior force and lack of soul. He tells them he has Rickon but they want proof which comes in the form of Rickon's direwolves head. What is that like all of them? Well Ghost is alive and I think Arya's direwolf is out there somewhere right? I can't remember. Oh it is Arya and Jon's which are left though we have no clue where Arya's wolf is. Anyways, Jon offers to fight Ramsay one on one for the win but Ramsay isn't willing.

We see Davos and Tormund discussing the men they've served in the past and I think they pretty much agree that they have been serving the wrong man... ie why haven't they been serving Jon all along because he's like the man.

On the battlefield, Ramsay sends Rickon running towards Jon, and we all knew this wouldn't end well because Ramsay is a crazy SOB. And sure enough he starts shooting arrows at Rickon as the young man runs towards his brother. Jon is galloping frantically towards Rickon hoping to save him but at the last moment he is too late and Rickon dies.

Jon now stands in the middle of the battlefield and his anger is overflowing. He will not let this stand. He lets his emotions take him which is something he warned everyone about, I believe. Tormund and Davos know Jon and they rid in so Jon isn't alone facing this army.

 photo jonsnow-battleofbastards.gif

But now their element of surprise is gone and everything starts going to hell. The Stark army is surrounded and pushed into a horseshoe which pushes them up against a large mound of dead bodies. Ramsay's men are moving in slowly, killing as they go and even the giant on Jon's side isn't making much of a difference to the overwhelming forces. Jon nearly suffocating here under all these bodies is terrifying and quite the imagery. Remember Jon was only recently raised from the dead. He quite literally rising out of the dead here. Wow. But alas, all seems lost....

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Until Sansa appears with Littlefinger and the Knights of the Vale. They cut down Ramsay's forces and wipe that dumbass smile off his face. Little coward runs back to Winterfell where he hopes to keep Jon at bay. But here is the thing. Jon's got a giant on his side and Wun Wun breaks down Winterfell's gates but is rather wounded though he looks like he could survive until Ramsay shoots him through the eye. SOMEONE KILL HIM ALREADY! But guess what, now Ramsay wants a one on one which he gets and doesn't do well at even a little.

Ramsay is then packed away as a prisoner. Sansa later goes to visit Ramsay who tries to mess with her but it is revealed that Ramsay is in with his hounds which he doesn't believe will harm him but Sansa reminds him about the fact that Ramsay hasn't feed his hounds in a week and they decided he's as good as anything. And boy does Sansa look pleased with herself.

 photo sansa609.gif

Frankly, I'm not even slightly upset with the way Ramsay actually does die. And I was all but jumping for joy to see Littlefinger again. I mean I don't really like the man but I loved that Sansa went and brought the Knights of the Vale to back up Jon. Amazing. And seeing the Bolton banner dropped and the Stark one take it's place and Winterfell again. AMAZING! I like how Jon and Sansa seem united in all this though even at this point I was wondering if she wouldn't suddenly decide she wants the power.

 photo tumblr_o92utyADy81vx0epuo6_250.gif

The Winds of Winter
Epic episode if I've ever seen one. Everything in this season seems to come to a conclusion if not a final one.

Walder Frey is y eating dinner and wondering where his sons are is just a ominous scene. The entire time he's asking the serving girl, I was dreading the answer and sure enough the answer is in his pie. *wretches* Arya is the serving girl and she reveals herself and tells Frey she killed his sons and cooked them into his pie. *cookies tossed* But then she kills him and I'm for her doing away with some of these baddies but I don't know... something about all of it doesn't sit right with me.

Back in Kings Landing at the Red Keep, the High Sparrow has brought Ser Loras before all to confess his crimes or be tried which he chooses to confess and become one of the Faith Militant which I didn't love. And it would seem Cersei has no intention of joining the people at the Red Keep and she won't let Tommen go either. Should have been my first clue. The High Sparrow has Lancel go bring Cersei to the Red Keep. But as Lancel goes out he sees a small child that lures him away into the area below the Sept. Meanwhile, back at the palace, Pycelle is lured off by a small child and then is surrounded and stabbed to death by them. Um... okay no. I do not like killer children at all. One of the very good reasons I will never again watch Pet Cemetery. I can't stand the idea of an evil or murderous child. Ick.

Margaery is not stupid but does seem sincere about this whole religion thing. But when she realizes there must be a reason for Cersei's absence she tells the High Sparrow but no one is allowed to leave the Red Keep. But that isn't all. Lancel is stab by a child also and then he notices notices the cache of wildfire which seems to have little candles which are about to burned down to the wildfire but he doesn't make it and boom. There goes everyone in the neighborhood.

Tommen knows Margaery is at the Red Keep and in his moment of grief decides to jump out the window to his death. Again, Cersei's actions cause her child's death though Tommen is so at fault. I find such actions pointless. Before Cersei knows about her last child, she's down in the dungeons with Septa Unella confessing all her crimes and leaving her to Ser Gregor who is going to torture her. Nice touch with the whole "shame" thing but how I hate seeing Cersei win even a little. We then cut to Cersei standing over her son's remains. She wishes to have him burned and buried at the remains of the Red Keep.

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Jaime and Bronn arriving to see the ruin of the Red Keep and the surrounding area. Wow. You can almost tell that Jaime is thinking, "now what has my sister done?" And then he makes it just in time to see Cersei crowned Queen. Seven Kingdoms are doomed.

So when we see Sam and Gilly at Oldtown and all the white ravens are released, had no idea what that meant but apparently the arrival of winter. Someone who had read the books tell me the significance of this? I mean do they do this every time winter comes around? I loved Sam going into the Citadel's Library where he is just in awe. And, of course, my first thought is Beauty (from Beauty and the Beast) got cheated.

So I thought Benjen was one of the dead but the scene with Bran confirms it. He leaves Bran at the weirwood heart tree and tells him that the dead cannot cross the wall because of it's magic. To me this means there is a big obsticale in the way of the White Walkers but maybe I'm mistaken?? And I'm curious how Benjen is dead but not a WW?

But this is the moment our minds are truly blown. Bran touches the weirwood tree and goes back into the vision of the events at the Tower of Joy when Ned went to save Lyanna. He hears her scream and before we are led to believe that means she's being raped or tortured but instead we learn she's had a child, Rhaegar Targaryen's son and that is none other than Jon Snow! BAMM! I know right? Crazy town. So Jon is really Dany's nephew (I believe) and he's got and definitely claim on the Iron Throne and he's not a bastard of anyone and while technically he's a Stark he's also a Targaryen which means he could be like Dany and control Dragon's or Fire????? Is that even possible? And could this all have something to do with his resurrection or does it play into that moment when Jon killed the White Walker with the Valerian sword which .... total clue. Holy crap this is getting good and I can't wait until next season when Bran returns and tells Jon the truth. Can you imagine the reunion with Dany????!!!! Me wants.

 photo tumblr_o9etms0p3E1rszoo3o1_r1_500.gif photo tumblr_o9fj3bluAp1u862rio1_500.gif

Back at Winterfell, Melisandre is confronted about murdering Shireen which she totally did and then sent away and told not to return to the North or she'll be put to death. So deserved that. I don't like the Red Woman and I especially hate that she could consider burning a child at the stake.

Jon and Sansa have this moment where Jon is taking care of her by putting her up in the "master suite" essentially but she doesn't think she should have her parents room. Jon kind of insists and then Sansa apologizes for not telling Jon about the Knights of the Vale. Jon and Sansa discuss Littlefinger and how she doesn't trust him and Jon tell her they need to trust each other because they have too many enemies. To right.

And then, of course, Littlefinger must show up and kind of tells Sansa he's got a thing for her. Eww. He then does what he does best which is try to sow the seeds of doubt but talking about how she should be who the North rally behind not a bastard fromt he South. You know I've always kind of disliked Littlefinger. I mean not out right hated but now... I really don't like him.

Another favorite moment when Lyanna Mormont stands up and basically calls out all the Northern Lords who didn't come to the Stark's aid when they were sworn to. She also adds that she knows the King of the North is a Stark and she doesn't much care if he's a bastard or not. The Lords confess their mistake in not coming to Jon and Sansa's aid but then all declare for the White Wolf, Jon Snow, King of the North. YAY!!!! But if it is ture he's a Targaryen then technically he's not really though he probably could be as Lyanna's son.... hmmm.

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And Littlefinger gives Sansa this look which wipes the smile from her face. Damn him.

Then we get to see Ellaria meeting iwth Olenna Tyrell and they are plotting against the Lannister which I like but I don't like Ellaria.

Now, back in Meereen, Dany is breaking up with Daario which is so sad but I get it. She can't have a boy toy if she might make a marriage alliance. But come on Dany don't get rid on cutie. Dany wants Daario to stay in Meereen and keep the peace with teh Second Sons.

Then in another truly great moment for the season Dany gives Tyron a pin she had made for him: the brooch of the Hand of the Queen. Tyrion gets emotional and kneels in front of her. He truly does believe in Dany.

 photo tumblr_o9ezc2OgCr1qzj8m2o3_400.gif  photo tumblr_o9ezc2OgCr1qzj8m2o4_400.gif

And in the end we see Dany, the Dothraki, the Ironborn, Donishmen and Unullied on the Ironborn ships heading to Westeros with Danys dragons flying above them. I love that Yara and Theon get to see these Dragons. They looked a little stunned.
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Angelserenitysangel on June 28th, 2016 05:21 pm (UTC)
The finale was by no means as epic as the Battle of the Bastards but loved how every thread came together.

Love the allies Danni now finds herself with. Oh my, the battles to come are going to be AMAZING!

Got emotional with her making Tyrion her Hand of the Queen and him bowing to her. Wonderful moment!

Oh Cersei. I have to admit that a couple of things that happened in this episode I was not surprised with.

1) Using Dragon Fire to blow the Sept up along with the High Sparrow, his little Sparrows, Margaery and more of those who stood against Cersei. She is not one to be crossed.

Of course knew Tommen would eventually die, but wasn't expecting it now and in this way.

Talk about something to really send Cersei over the end.

The prophecy surrounding Cersei is coming true. Can't wait to see how it all plays out with her.

I have to disagree that Margaery was sincere about the religion. I firmly believe she was just playing the game. Her aim to get her brother free. Her getting her Grandmother out, proved to me she was just playing. Doing whatever she had too to survive and to save her brother.

It is a shame she died too. Always liked her as a character.

2) Also knew about Jon. Well, at least knew about the theory that he was the son of Ed's sister and a Targaeryn.

It certainly does put a cat amongst the pigeons.

If/when the Northerners find out (and I heavily suspect they will eventually) he is both Start and Targaeryn, how will they feel. Still support him or not because of his Targaeryn blood.

And how will Danni react? By all accounts Jon has more claim on the Throne, especially if it turns out Ed's sister and her 'supposed' kidnapper turn out to have been married (and that is what I think is going to happen.)

Oh my my my!

Littlefinger is a manipulative, conniving snake. He says he is doing everything so that he can be on the Iron Throne with Sansa by his side...I get that he loves her, but it still doesn't explain to me why he made her marry Ramsay. I have *and always will* a hard time believing someone such as Littlefinger didn't have a clue what Ramsay was like. If he claims to love Sansa, how/why would he ever subject her that. The only answer I can find is that he knew exactly what Ramsay was like and would do and he wanted it to happen because Sansa has come out of it stronger person. A person much more adept now at playing the game.

And speaking of Sansa, I have a hard time believing that she will remain with the idea of Jon being King of the North. I think there is something very dark and dangerous growing in her and she is going to want to be Queen of the North, just as Littlefinger desires.

If I were Jon I'd watch his back with those two around. Especially given his heritage.

And of course, Jon is first cousin to both Danni and Sansa, he could solidify power, as could Danni and Sansa if they were to marry.

Some interesting times ahead!

Oh and cannot forget Arya. WHOOO! Frey is dead. Loved her getting to cross that name of her list.

It's going to be damn hard waiting a year for the next season!!!
Jill aka Jo: Bones: Camsireesanwar on July 14th, 2016 06:36 pm (UTC)
You know for me they were kind of equal. I mean I get your point because BOTB was epic but I felt the finale had a more quiet epic quality to it. Still either way you look at it this season is so much better than the last.

Dany is probably still my favorite. I like her. She's a leader but she cares which isn't true of anybody else but will likely be true of Jon coming up. And Dany slayed me with the Hand of the Queen thing. Peter and Emilia have amazing chemistry on screen together. They're characters play off each other so well. I love it.

Hmm. I'm not surprised Cersei did this or that Tommen died but I also didn't expect it. I mean it makes sense this is how Cersei would do away with the High Sparrow but again I didn't catch it. I was watching her refusing to go over there and I was like the High Sparrow... totally clueless. Guess you are more Maergary with the whole... Cersei is totally up to something.

Well we all knew that Tommen would die. The seer in the beginning told us all Cersei's children would die. I kept expecting him to be murdered or the High Sparrow to take him or something but to walk out a high window. Didn't see that coming.

I want to predict that Cersei is going to spin out of control come next season. She's bottling all that grief and anger for the most part so somethings got to give.

You know maybe Margaery is just playing the game. For me I couldn't tell. I mean yes she is trying to save her brother and she saves her Grandmother but that could have been survival rather than lack of devotion. Still I don't think Margaery would want her brother to be a Sparrow if that was the case. I don't know. I see your point but part of me still believes she was buying in while still playing the game? Maybe... maybe not. Still on the fence. And yeah, I liked Margaery too.

2. I'm wondering if Jon's lineage will make him more appealing to the North? I can see the downfall of his lineage for them but he is still a Stark who was raised by Ned. They could back him just because he does have a real blood tie to both the North and the Iron Throne. Of course, in the end I think they'd want Jon on the Iron Throne and then I could see Sansa as Warden of the North. I just hope Sansa doesn't betray Jon.

Part of me thinks even if Jon has the claim, he might bow out for someone like Dany. But who can really know. Jon could be an advisor because he's got a different take on things but I've always felt Jon was growing into something but he didn't feel he could be a rulers. Maybe that will change with the realization about his lineage. I would think Dany would welcome him but she could really be upset. And I wonder if Jon can "talk" to the dragons and that could upset Dany if her dragons started paying attention to Jon.

Littlefinger knew all about Ramsay. There is no way he didn't. The man is just as responsible as Ramsay. I really think Sansa should "listen" to him and eventually do something to take away his men and power. Bring him down from the inside as it were. I mean wouldn't that be awesome if she ended up controling the Knights of the Vale and the Starks really do own the North. Yes! That!

Even if he was "toughening up" Sansa... he's a bastard and deserves some kind of punishment which I think would be totally fitting from Sansa. I do think you are right about the darkness inside of her but I'm wondering if she's going to direct it at Littlefinger or Jon. Hopefully we will see Arya and Bran back with the Stark's soon and maybe that will temper Sansa.

Who marry?

It is. And I don't have Outlander to fall back on because they happened at the same time. I need another epic show for the drought of goodness.
Angelserenitysangel on July 24th, 2016 02:27 am (UTC)
Agree. This season has been amazing.

Dany is also my favourite. Just a great moment and her and Peter are great together.

Yeah, while it was known that Tommen would die, it was unexpected that he'd take his own life. The only time he really did something on his own. Up until then all decisions had been directed by someone else. Poor boy.

Oh gosh yes. Totally. Cercei is going to get completely out of control. Not going to end well, that is for sure.

I don't think Maergery was buying in. She was a pro at playing the game and manipulating a situation to get what she wanted. The only way to ensure her brothers life was to have the High Sparrow believe she had repented and was fully into the whole faith thing. But that is just my opinion.

2. I think it's going to be interesting to see how they react up north if they find out about Jon's lineage. On one hand he is a Stark, which will be in his favour, but on the other hand he is also Targaeryn, which might not.

At this point in time I wouldn't trust Sansa not to betray Jon. I think she is going to be a lot darker after her experience with Ramsay. And if Littlefinger is there at her side manipulating things, yes I could see her betraying Jon. Hopefully not, but I wouldn't say it's impossible.

It would be interesting to see how Jon reacts in relation to Dany. And vice versa. Will Dany accept Jon? And yes, is Jon more like Dany and able to talk to dragons.

That would be cool. I'd like Sansa to be the one who brings about Littlefinger's downfall.

Oh totally! He has to pay for that. And yes, wonder if all the remaining Starks will eventually end up together again.

Yeah not much in the way of epicness until shows return. And we have a year to wait for GoT! AAAH!
Jill aka Josireesanwar on August 4th, 2016 07:15 pm (UTC)
Yeah I felt bad for Tommen. He was too young to really think for himself.

I can go with Maergery pretending to be devote. It doesn't matter much now that she's gone.

2. I can't wait to see how the North reacts to Jon's lineage. It is like Jon is bad and good in one. I mean clearly Jon is good. He goes above and beyond to do the right thing even when it means his Brothers will kill him for it.

I finally like Sansa, I really hope she doesn't betray Jon.

I can see Jon being accepting of Dany and has long as Dany can see Jon's innate goodness I think she might just like him.

I hope Jon's got some mojo.

There isn't though I started and am almost done with Black Sails which definitely got better in the end of the first season. I liked the Second season the most.

I'm going to try Ray Donovan since I have a deep love of Liev but we'll see.

I'm a big Gilmore Girls fan and I considered rewatching before the new episodes come out but haven't decided yet.

And I'm watching some of the old season of Supernatural which are the best. I don't know when I'll stop. Maybe after Dean's back from hell season. I don't know yet.

Oh I've been seeing good things about Stranger Things and I'm interested now.
Jo Ann: GOT: GRRMartin-Twitter-for Nutmeg3yeuxdebleu on June 30th, 2016 02:56 am (UTC)
I absolutely adored both of these episodes. I can't get over how much the actor playing young Ned Stark looks like Sean Bean. It's amazing. Don't you think so?
Jill aka Josireesanwar on July 14th, 2016 06:36 pm (UTC)
Totally. He was fantastic.
Kaylee Winchesterroguem on July 5th, 2016 09:20 am (UTC)
I got sucked back in and I have to admit I loved this season.

I wasn't that surprised by the Jon reveal as I'd started suspecting it a while ago. I kind of figured there wouldn't be so much secrecy around his mother if it wasn't a big deal. I guess they were just lucky the Stak genes beat the Targaryen genes.

Never liked Littlefinger, I really hopes he gets killed off next season.
Jill aka Josireesanwar on July 14th, 2016 06:38 pm (UTC)
Wasn't it good. It makes up for the lack of goodness last season.

I was suspecting Jon was super important too but still blown away. Yes. Jon is so much darker than Dany so why would we assume.

Yes, I'm kind of hoping Sansa does the killing of Littlefinger too.
Kaylee Winchesterroguem on August 31st, 2016 10:42 am (UTC)
I agree. This season was amazing.

I want her to somehow figure out Littlefinger was responsible for Eddards arrest and then kill Littlefinger.
Jill aka Josireesanwar on September 9th, 2016 08:23 pm (UTC)
That would be great.