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Jill aka Jo
January 01 2015 @ 11:59 pm

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Jill aka Jo
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Okay the season is over now and I have to say if you haven't been watching... you should be because wow. Just wow. I think this might just be the best season yet. I felt like nearly every episode had this wow moment. No, it wasn't like in every episode there was a big reveal... only 2. But there are these moments. Little things that GOT is just getting right. You need to be watching this.

So I'm going to give my reactions for both episodes The Battle of Bastards and The Winds of Winter. If you've not watched either episode, don't read ahead unless you like spoiling everything for yourself. Some of you do. Oh and I have to warn you this post is GIFy. I found all these amazing gifs and I plan to use them.

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Jill aka Jo
So I'll tell you right off the bat, last year I started Season Five and then just stopped. I got to like the 3rd episode and didn't continue to watch. So I was at a complete loss as to what was happening though I'd heard about the rape scene. With our new cable system came OnDemand which I've never had before and since we have some premium channels right now for free... I got to download all of Season Five and what has aired of Season Six. Now I'm not completely caught up anymore because I think there was an episode last weekend I've yet to watch.

If you haven't watched you might not want to continue but here are some thoughts:

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Jill aka Jo
June 16 2016 @ 10:39 am
Prestonpans opens with Claire off in the woods to “pish” but is brought up short by the corpse of a Highlander who died at the hands of the Redcoats. Claire takes the man’s weapon and returns to a waiting Jamie fearing there is nothing Jamie and she can do to prevent the future. The troops are at Prestonpans and Claire knows the Jacobites will win the day but one battle isn’t the war and knowing the outcome doesn’t prepare you for those who will get hurt or die. Claire has seen far too many men killed in war.

In a tactical meeting with Charles’s advisors, Quartermaster Sir John O’Sullivan (the Irishman) and Lieutenant-General Lord George Murray of Clan Murray (who is more favored than the Quartermaster) are arguing over strategy. O’Sullivan wants to attack quacking but Murray wants to hold the higher ground. The problem is to execute any attack they would need to cross Tranent Meadow which is likely boggy ground and will ultimately trap anything trying to cross it. Charles seems like he’s at a complete loss and Jamie suggests a cavalry field trip to determine if the meadow is passable. But they have no cavalry which is something else that angers the advisors. Charles points out how he took Perth and Edinburgh without firing a shot but it is quickly brought to his attention that they surprised General Cope which will not happen again.

Charles then has the brilliant idea to offer Cope generous terms of surrender, which is ludicrous in the extreme, because he informs his advisors, “We are all brothers, after all.” Everyone is stunned and O’Sullivan tells Charles he has a generous heart but the troops are there to fight and win.

Jamie tells the Laird of Clan McDonald to tell his men to “await further order, which may be some time,” while the advisors continue to argue. Jamie leaves followed by Charles who tells Jamie he must succeed because he’s promised God and his father. Am I the only one annoyed by the “Mark Me” line? Stop it.

[Read More...]Charles wants Claire ordered to care for the English wounded before the Jacobites. Charles feels he needs to convey that his Jacobite forces are attacking with reluctance (though I doubt that was true of any of the Jacobites) because in his mind they will all be friends under his father’s rule. Jamie advises Charles to ease off the idea of friendship between the English and the Scots because the men will not think too much of the idea. And then tacks on, Claire is unlikely to obey the order to treat the English wounded first. Charles clearly has no doubt Claire won’t obey his order but assumes she’ll obey Jamie’s who is her lord and master. The utter fool.

Then Jamie is rather forced into kissing the Princes ring. Jamie never looks keen to do that.

In the camp, everyone is bored waiting for orders and Angus is spitting water at Kincaid… or Ross. Which is which? This breaks out in a bit of a stramash which ends with Angus’s dirk at Kincaid’s throat (he’s the one who got spit on). Murtagh is trying to control the situation with threats of his own violence which wakes Dougal up to complain about the men making too much noise, as he clutches a bottle. But Jamie steps in and mentions they are getting along about the same as the commanders, letting Murtagh know there are still no orders.

Jamie gets Dougal up and lets him know they need to test the marsh between them and the English. Jamie suggests a lucky man could ride out into the meadow to see just how stable the ground is and if it can support a horse and rider then it is likely to support the infantry.

Dougal is willing because all he has to do is stay out of the range of the guns. Jamie believes 125 yards should keep Dougal safe but Dougal is inclined to think 105. Jamie reminds Dougal the English are going to be very happy to shoot at him but Dougal wants to prove himself and goes off to find a horse.

Dougal rides out into the meadow slowly, arms stretched out. The Scots watch with awe while the English ready their weapons to try and shoot Dougal. Even Charles appears awed by Dougal’s boldness and finding him an “extraordinary fellow” and wonders at his name. Angus tells him Dougal’s name and asks his own. The Prince introduces himself while still watching Dougal and both Angus and Rupert are going a little fanboy.

Dougal falls show of halfway when his horse gets stuck in the marsh. The English open fire and many shots go astray but one manages to shoot Dougal’s bonnet right off his head leaving a bit of a flesh wound. Dougal does an about face and brings the horse back to the Scot’s side of things earning a hug from Charles. Dougal relays he is there to report there will be no charge on the English. Charles tells Murray to figure the problem out while Jamie tells Dougal he needs his wound examined. Dougal shrugs of the idea of medical attention say he needs to change his breeks because, “the hero of the hour has shat his pants.”

In Claire’s field hospital, she is addressing the volunteers about their assignments: answering questions and trying to keep an eye on Fergus who is responsible for the fires which he deems women’s work.

That night Richard Anderson, the son of the man who owns the land they are camped on, shows up with Fergus in the field hospital with information on how to get across the marsh. Claire takes him to Jamie and the advisors where Anderson relays the information and assures them he can get them across to the other side. Charles wishes O’Sullivan were there to make the decision for him but Jamie advises “delay could prove fatal,” effectively pushing Charles into the decision.

Before they all set off on their mission, Ross and Kincaid make a pact to take care of the other’s family should they not survive. Angus overhears this and tries to make a similar pact with Rupert. Angus wishes Rupert to have his sword, dirk, and sporran with “all that it contains.” Rupert wants to know what Angus is talking about and he tells him about Ross and Kincaid’s pact and then offers him his part-time whore, spitting in his hand to seal the deal. Rupert refuses, telling Angus to shut it before he brings bad luck on them. Though it seems to be Rupert doesn’t want to think about his buddy dying.

Murtagh is sharpening his dirk when Jamie approaches and Murtagh talks about having a meaningful death. He feels if he were to perish here he’d been one more body in an army of 2000 men. “Five hundred, a thousand would have to be slain for our deaths to take on any meaning.” Jamie isn’t really comforted by this discussion and talks about how they tried to stop all of this but failed nearly losing his marriage in the process. Murtagh let’s Jamie know “we” failed because he is on Jamie’s side.

Jamie goes to see Claire telling her she should sleep but she thinks that is an unlikely prospect. They are just about to kiss when Fergus burst in on them asking permission to go with Jamie and the men. Fergus believes he can sneak into Cope’s tent and steal his sword but Jamie informs Fergus he’s the only one he trusts to guard Claire.

Murtagh, Angus and Rupert arrive to haul Jamie off on their mission but first Angus wants another kiss from Claire should he not return Claire tells him he is shameless and gives him a quick peck on the cheek.

Rupert won’t say goodbye but does a basic “until we see each other again.” And then it is Murtagh’s turn. She wants him to watch over Jamie and he says, “Always.” Claire can tell him they will win the day but it doesn’t mean all of them will return to her. Then it is onto Jamie and several lingering kisses and longing stares before Claire says, “One your way, soldier,” with tears in her eyes. Jamie bows and is off.

Claire orders her nurses to rest and notices Fergus is missing.

The men, meanwhile, are advancing through the marsh in the misty pre-dawn. Fergus is among them and once they reason the other side Jamie tells O’Sullivan to keep Charles back. Charles wants to lead the charge but Jamie tells him the rebellion would end should Charles parish.

Claire is supervising the hospital and notice the women are in low spirits. She tries to reassure them.

Back in the thick of things, Jamie gives the order to charge and the Highlanders catch the English camp asleep and unprepared. It is a slaughter.

Back in the hospital, Ross carries Kincaid in on his shoulders and Claire pronounces him dead telling Ross there is nothing she can do.

On the battlefield, Fergus looks scared and out of place. The British officers are trying to get their forces to stand their ground and he attacks Rupert bringing him down.

Back at the field hospital, Angus carries in Rupert. Claire is dealing with a serious case but Angus roars “NOW!” when she tries to get him to wait. Claire rushes to Rupert’s side which is sliced opened and yells out how she must stitch it up to prevent infection. Rupert mumbles “Did he get blown up? Tell me!” Claire looks to Angus for the details but Angus tells her it was nothing just a cannon blast.

In a flashback, Rupert is cut down and Angus kills a man about to take another attempt on Rupert. Rupert smiles at Angus who goes flying when a cannon ball explodes close behind him.

Claire finishes stitching Rupert and then wants to check on Angus who says he’s fine. She checks his eyes and asks about his head but Angus does seem fine though Claire doesn’t want him going to sleep. Angus plans to watch Rupert’s big belly go up and down.

Jamie and Murtagh arrive and Jamie tells Claire “the day is ours, Sassenach.” It all happened in 15 minutes and now Cope is in retreat. Hundreds are dead and many wounded on the English side and their own casualties are minor. And that is when they kiss and then Claire proceeds to pat at Jamie for wounds. He’s good.

Fergus is outside and Claire goes to him (like a mother would). Fergus is in shock and tells her he thinks he killed an English soldier. Claire holds him and while he’s not injured he’s tired and Claire takes him off to have a bit and get some rest.

Meanwhile, Dougal is out in the field murdering any wounded English he comes across when one calls him by name. Lt. Jeremy Foster is wounded and asks to be taken to the field hospital though all of this after informing Dougal there is no defeating the British army. Dougal isn’t kind taking out his dirk and stabs him in the chest saying “I’ll look for you in Hell.”

Back in the hospital, Ross covers Kincaid’s face and looks to Angus telling him they didn’t run which Angus respects. Angus jokes with Murtagh and Jamie that Rupert’s blubber protected him and Jamie says, “Aye, the man could eat,” then apologizes for using the past tense.

Claire comes over noticing that it looks like Jamie was stepped on by a horse, and Jamie informs her he was. She hands him a glass jar and tells him to piss so she can see if there is blood in his urine. Jamie then hands it to a wounded English solider to hold while he aims.

This turns into a friendly bet but all the fun is interrupted by Charles who thanks Claire for her work. Charles tells the room the victory has left a damp child on him as they are all brothers. Everyone is uncomfortable and that is when Dougal appears shouting victory and lunging for the wounded English, dirk in hand.

Charles isn’t pleased and brings Dougal to heel telling him the English are also his father subjects and berates him for his “lack of Christian Charity.” Charles then orders Dougal removed from the rolls because there is no room for such men in his army.

Dougal starts to walk out when Jamie intervenes telling Charles that Dougal is a true warrior despite his foolish tongue and suggest promoting him to Captain of the newly created Highlander Dragoons. These dragoons will get 15 horses and men, and they will follow the English and report on position and they will raid their supply lines. Charles likes this but Dougal knows Jamie just effectively got him out of the way. “You champion me and you exile me, both at the same time. That’s a plan worthy of my brother.”

Dougal goes to speak to Angus but the man is slumped over and when Dougal tries to rouse him he falls into Dougal’s arms choking on blood. Claire lifts his shirt and there is a large bruise indicating internal bleeding. The blast of the cannonball caused internal damage. Jamie asks if there is anything Claire can do but there isn’t and she gazes at Angus who is trying to speak though nothing can be made out. Suddenly, it all stops and Angus is gone.

There is a sudden groan and Rupert rises from his bed, going to his fallen friend, he kneels and takes Angus’s sword from its scabbard and moves back to his bed.

Later the men are toasting their victory. Jamie tells Claire she was right about their victory but she points out that means she’s right about Culloden.

Rupert appears drinking and singing with Ross Down Among the Den Men. This is a song about drinking and being among the dean men means empty bottles but it has a sobering double meaning here though the other men would see it as a drinking song.

Poll #2047375 What did you think of Prestonpans?

What did you think of Prestonpans?

1 - Not a fan, ya ken?
2 - It was Outlander.
3 - I liked it fine.
4 - Really good.
5 - Bloody awesome.

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Jill aka Jo
June 09 2016 @ 02:15 pm
I keep thinking I'll manage to get these posts up before Wednesday but I never seem to.

Jamie and Claire arrive finally rendezvous with Murtagh and the Lallybroch men. They come with Lovat's men but have lost 100 men on the way. The men Jamie brought are not fighters and Murtagh and Jamie now have the task of training them. Fergus peeks out of his abode and sees "Milady and Milord!" and rushes to greet them which brings a huge smile to Claire's face and then Jamie's when Fergus informs them Murtagh has enslaved him mending the man's socks.

The next day Claire and Jamie are just out and about when they hear a voice they know and Rupert and Angus step into view. Angus seems rather happy to see Claire and she grudgingly gives him a kiss on the cheek. Claire wonders about the whereabouts of Willie and is told in a somber and melancholy tone that Willie got himself hitched and moved to America with his Irish bride.

Dougal appears and Jamie genuinely looks pleased to see him but Claire isn't so enthusiastic about it. Apparently, Colum doesn't want them there but Dougal, Rupert and Angus have come of their own accord. Jamie informs Dougal the men he's brought need training but Dougal thinks they are worth 10 redcoats because they have conviction on their side.

Murtagh is drilling the men and Jamie realizes just how untrained they are though Dougal still seems optimistic. Claire, on the other hand, is having flashbacks of watching the WWII soldiers being drilled in the 1940s.

Claire turns sees Fergus playing shinty with some men and recalls soldiers playing baseball in her own time. She's so shaken up she pulls Fergus from the game to get Jamie water.

[Read More...]Back on the field; Jamie, Murtagh and Dougal all teach the men moves and have them stick dummys with dirks (much like Claire did).

Later that night, Dougal talks to Jamie about going to join the Prince already but Jamie isn't willing to take the men into war when they are not ready.

Claire spies Angus spitting out his food and flashes back to two American soldiers complaining about their rations. They have been separated from their Airborne division and are traveling now with British forces. Claire discusses how the British believe American's eat verses what they eat and they educate each other on different foods.

Later Claire is clearly upset but tells Jamie she's find. As Jamie unpins his plaid his broach falls to the ground and Claire retrieves it. It is a stag and says "Je Suis Prest" which reminds her of the Airborne patch on the American soldiers from the war. Jamie apologizes for bringing her to battle with him and assures her he will keep her safe but Claire continues to pretend she's fine.

The next morning at training Jamie talks to the men about what war is like and how some things seems silly but it isn't until there are shots coming at you and people are dying that you understand what the training is for. Jamie tries to press how important it is to move and fight as one like the British if they have any hope of defeating them. Jamie just about has all the men focused when Dougal and his men comes screeching down the hill bare chested with their swords. The men scatter much to Jamie's annoyance and Dougal tells them all the way to beat the English is with a Highland charge which clearly isn't the way. Jamie isn't pleased by Dougal undermining his authority and takes him aside. Dougal patronizes Jamie telling him he knows what Jamie's goal is but he knows this stuff better to which Jamie tells him in no uncertain terms that he has no idea what they will face and he does.

Jamie then informs Dougal if he wishes to fight with Clan Fraser then he will respect Jamie's orders without objection. And if not Dougal can take his men and leave.

And Dougal runs to tell Claire claiming Jamie is being stubborn and needs his help because he's clearly in over his head. He goes so far as to try to blackmail her with their arrangement when she was scrambling to free Jamie from Wentworth. Claire informs Dougal that Jamie knows everything and he understands she was doing everything in her power to free him. She then goes on to tell him what a narcissistic ass he is and everything he does is for his ego and self-gratification. Dougal admits he loves his own reflection but he loves Scotland more and would do and give anything to put a Stuart back on the throne.

Now we see Dougal helping to train the men which Jamie and Murtagh discuss Claire's odd behavior.

Later Angus is poke and his disgusting fee which reminds Claire of lecturing the WWII soldiers on preventing trench foot which can lead to amputation. Claire comes out of her flashback asking Angus, "Did you hear what I fucking said?!" Angus replies he did but Rupert is surprised by her outburst and Claire leave taking deep breaths to try and steady herself.

That nigh Dougal comes to the campfire with ten men in tow. He informs Jamie they are new recruits and Murtagh is sent to get Kincaid and Ross who were the sentries. Jamie then tells these new men if they aren't there of their own free with they are to leave with no harm to come to them. Jamie then informs Dougal he is in command and Dougal says there were no orders about conscripting men. Jamie doesn't believe in forcing people to fight for something they don't believe in. Jamie then orders Dougal and his men to sentry duty which Dougal agrees to. When Kincaid and Ross arrive, Jamie places them under arrest for letting strangers into camp and orders a punishment of six lashes each which is carried out by Murtagh the following morning.

Later that day Claire is walking past the men who are practicing their marksmanship when the gunfire triggers another flashback which is more disturbing.

Claire is traveling to her field hospital with the American soldiers when they are shot at and blown off the road. She wakes in a ditch with Grant who warns her to keep quite. Somewhere out in the field Lucas is pleading for help but there are German tanks approaching. Grant tells Claire to stay put and goes after Lucas only to be killed. Claire huddles in the trench with her ears covered. She is found the next day and this is how Jame finds her by the wagons. Jamie holds her and Claire tells him about her repressed memory of that incident.

Jamie tells her he should send her home but Claire isn't willing to be powerless and alone again. Jamie promises her no matter what happens she won't be alone again and we can tell he means more than himself.

Jamie is making water when a small English lad tries to cut his throat. Thankfully Jamie is canny and fights the boy off by breaks his arm. Murtagh finds a letter to a British officer on the boy and thinks him a spy. The boy says he isn't a spy and was drawn by Jamie's fire and recognized Jamie as Red Jamie. The boy won't give any other information and Jamie goes so far as to heat his dirk for torture. Claire arrives and saves the boy this fate by pretending to be a captured English Lady who has resisted Red Jamie's advances but will give into him should he let the boy go. Jamie turns the tables informing the boy if he won't give up the information for his own welfare maybe he will for the lady's. The boy confesses he is William Grey, the second son of Viscount Melton. He then gives up the 200 infantry traveling to Dunbar to join Cope going so far as to warn Jamie about the heavy artillery  16 carriage-mounted cannons, mortars, muskets and a company of 30 calvary.

Jamie makes a display of making advances on Claire who struggles and gets him in the family jewels before Grey tells him the location of the British. Jamie has Grey taken with the men and if the boy speaks the truth he's to be tied to a tree where the British will find him and if not he's to die. Before Grey leaves he tells Jamie he owns him a debt of honor which he doesn't wish to owe him but he will repay him and then kill him. Jamie says he hopes they never meet again.

Jamie announces there is to be another punishment and while Dougal's men were on sentry his unguarded fire drew the boy. Murtagh lashes Jamie while the men watch. Afterwards, the men assemble to raid the British camp but Dougal and his men are left out because they have orders.

Jamie and his men steal into the British camp, killing sentries and stealing the wheels off the cannons. They burn the wheels and back at camp Jamie gives Claire the trophy of the iron cotter pins which hold the wheels on. He tells her he's been on Commando raid then wonders if that is what you call it. Jamie wishes to make love to Claire but they have to move on before the English awake and realize what happened.

We watch as Jamie, Claire, Murtagh, Dougal and everyone else arrives in Perth to join the Stuart army. Jamie calls up Dougal and tells him to inform the Prince they have arrived which he does happily.

Claire knows there is no going back and announces, "Je Suis Prest."

Poll #2046962 What did you think of this episode?

How many kilts would you give Je Suis Prest?

1 - Not a fan, ya ken?
2 - It was Outlander.
3 - I liked it fine.
4 - Really good.
5 - Bloody awesome.

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Jill aka Jo
June 01 2016 @ 11:34 am
Jamie and Claire are back in Scotland in time to see the potatoes, Claire warned Jenny to plant, be harvested. Jenny and Ian have had another child and life seems good. Until, Ian comes in with the mail which contains a letter from Aunt Jocasta and bumm..bumm..bummm a letter from Jared congratulating Jamie on his loyalty or something because Jamie realizes enclosed is a declaration of Charles Stuart's divine right to the British throne with a list of signatures of clan chieftains who support Charles and wouldn't you know Charles forged Jamie's signature. Apparently, Charles is in Scotland (which makes no sense because they just had a harvest meaning it is October and Charles Stuart comes to Scotland in July 1745 and this would be 1744) and Jamie thinks the only way out is to try to win. Well what else are you going to do?

[Read More...]Jamie and Claire are off to Beauly to convince Lord Lovat to join the cause. Jenny thinks this is madness because Simon Fraser doesn't do anything that doesn't benefit his hold on the Fraser chieftain title. Jenny says the man tried to have their mother kidnapped so she couldn't marry their father and when pressed as to who this man is both Jamie and Jenny tell Claire Lord Lovat is their grandfather.

Later that night, Jamie confesses his father was a bastard but Claire could care less which let's face it, would you care if you had Jamie? So they head to bed, not to sleep, and then later in the wee hours Claire wakes to find Jamie isn't with her. When she goes in search for him she finds he's downstairs with wee Kitty (the baby) and he's murmuring to her in Gaelic which just breaks Claire's heart.

Jenny appears to tell Claire Jamie couldn't sleep and took the baby so Ian and Jenny could sleep (perfect man no?). She goes on to say Jamie is pouring his heart out to the baby like he can to no other, like a mother does before the baby is born, she kens.

The next morning Jamie and Claire are off with instructions for Murtagh who they will meet up with later when Fergus comes riding into the dooryard on a donkey, announcing he's going to war with Milord and Milady. Everyone is protesting this until Jamie tells them Fergus's place is with them.

When they reach Beaufort Castle they find Colum there. When he goes to greet them Claire is put off by the fact she nearly died in a witch trial which Colum thought was Claire just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Claire informs both Jamie and Colum that Laoghaire sent her to Geillis and then tipping off the officials. Colum informs her Laoghaire was beaten for her overstepping.

Lord Lovat arrives, less than impressed by Jamie's choice of wife but rather impressed by Jamie's boldness. He sends Claire away and as she leaves she runs into Laoghaire who is very sorry for the things she's done and is paying penance for all her sins and wishes Claire to forgive her to which Claire pretty much tells her to hell with you. Claire tells Jamie of the meeting which Jamie is annoyed Laoghaire even at the nerve to approach Claire.

Jamie and Claire go to dinner where the subject is politics and Jamie is trying to convince everyone to support Charles and preserve their way of life but Colum is having none of it and craftily points out Jamie's been spending time with Charles Stuart and knows full well there is no money to back the cause. Young Simon Fraser tries to point out that Charles has a price on his head which must mean the English crown sees him as a threat but his father ridicules him in front of everyone and Laoghaire who the young fox seems to fancy.

Later Jamie comments that Colum will never support the cause but he needs to talk to his grandsire along to convince him to support the cause. He feels it is a pity that young Simon is so spineless.

The next morning Claire observes Lord Lovat throwing a woman out of his sitting room because she's keeping something from him. Claire catches up to the woman who is a seer named Maisri.

Later, Jamie discusses the situation with Lovat who wants Lallybroch in exchange. Jamie's not inclined to give it up but Lovat is willing to have his men rape Claire to get it. And Jamie decides to use the La Dame Blanche card again knowing Lovat is superstitious. Lovat seems genuinely disturbed but Jamie still warns Claire to be careful. Jamie also worries he'll have to give up Lallybroch to get Lovat's support thought Claire thinks it is better to get Lovat to try to protect his heir by getting young Simon to stand up and declare for the Stuarts.

Claire approaches Laoghaire and tells her Young Simon is infatuated with her and she can use that to get him to help Jamie's cause. In return Claire will forgive her and get Jamie to do so as well.

Jamie tries to explain to Colum that the war will fail without the troops but Colum thinks he sounds mad and reckless. Colum asks Jamie not to give up Lallybroch for this war which he can't win but Jamie can only promise to do what he must to save those he and Colum hold dear.

Claire walks with Young Simon to the chapel but is met by Laoghaire on the way. Claire excuses herself hoping to leave Laoghaire to use her wiles but Simon isn't really good and romancing. Simon recites some poetry for Laoghaire but she interrupts him to get him to sit by her.

Meanwhile, Claire finds Maisri in the chapel and gets her to tell her about the vision she wouldn't share with Lovat which was of him with a man in a black hood behind him and the shadow of an ax across his face. She doesn't want to tell Lovat because he might kill the messenger. She also tells Claire that sometimes she's been able to change the outcome.

Claire hears Laoghaire calling and rushes out to meet her. Laoghaire says she flattered Simon and told him she admired a man who thought for himself, she even gave him a keek down her dress all to what appears is no avail.

Claire finds Jamie in the stables and they report on their successes and failures and the vision of Maisri though Jamie points out they do not know which King that executioner works for. Jamie fears he'll have to give up Lallybroch.

Lord Lovat gathers everyone in the hall to tell them of his plan which is to take Lallybroch for the support or sign a neutrality pact with the MacKenzies. Jamie is about to sign when Claire flings down her drink and does a little seeing herself recounting the vision of Maisri as if it is her own. Lovat isn't pleased though Claire adds their are white roses on the ground in the vision. Claire pretends to faint as Lovat rushes at her with a knife and Young Simon intervenes with Laoghaire's approval. Simon then announces he's going to war for the Stuarts but Lovat chooses to sign the neutrality pact.

Jamie and Claire believe they are leaving defeated but with Young Simon. Jamie and Colum say their goodbyes and then Claire asks Jamie to go thank Laoghaire. He does it though he even tells her he doesn't know what for. Jamie walks away and Laoghaire says someday she'll earn his forgiveness and his love.

On their way to meet the prince, Jamie's band meets up with a larger group who are Lovat men. Lovat then says he got what he wants which is if the Jacobite's win he will claim he sent them along with his son and if they lose he will claim protection under the neutrality pact. As Lovat rides off, Jamie hopes he's nothing like Lovat but Claire can't say that because she's seen "a similarly devious turn of mind." Jamie's rethinking this whole not lying to one another thing. The two ride off with Claire feeling like they can change things.

Poll #2046351 What did you think of this episode?

How many kilts would you give The Fox's Lair?

1 - Not a fan, ya ken?
2 - It was Outlander.
3 - I liked it fine.
4 - Really good.
5 - Bloody awesome.

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Jill aka Jo
May 31 2016 @ 05:32 pm
Tumeric is an under utilized spice. It has many health benefits as it is a natural anti-inflamatory which helps with all kinds of aliments including cramps, arthritis, headaches, etc. It is also very good for inhibiting cancerous cell growth. Major health benefits which is not to say if you eat it your cured of aliments but more like you are helping them. This has made me start adding tumeric to anything I can think of. One of my favorite things is grilled chicken breasts.

What You'll Need
4 thawed chicken breasts
1 tsp salt
2 tsp black pepper
1 table spoon granulated garlic
1 1/2 tsp tumeric (as much as 2 tsp)
1/4 cup olive or avocado oil

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Jill aka Jo
May 31 2016 @ 04:25 pm
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Jill aka Jo
May 27 2016 @ 11:42 am
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Jill aka Jo
May 26 2016 @ 12:35 pm
I'm sorry I'm so late with this post. There has been a lot happening and I've had trouble really trying to dissect this episode considering it's subject matter. I will ask you what you thought of the episode but for me it is a 5 Kilts and probably beyond. For me this episode surpassed any other and if Caitriona isn't nominated for an Emmy then there is something wrong with the system.

Onto the Recap....
Faith opens on Claire with a little red haired girl in the 1950s. This little girl calls Claire mommy and asks her about the birds in a book. Claire tells her she's seen the birds in Scotland an the little girl wonders if her mommy has been to Scotland.

We shift back to L’Hôpital where Claire looks shell shock and pale. She's losing her baby and as the "doctors" and sisters work to save her, tears run from the corners of her eyes.

Later Claire wakes at L’Hôpital and realizes her stomach is flatter than it should be. She sits up and starts looking around for her baby. She calls out for her child but Mother Hildegarde rushes to her side to tell her the baby was born dead and has now joined the angels. Claire has a moment of stunned disbelief before she starts hysterically asking for her baby.

Later, while Claire rests fitfully due to fever, Mother Hildegarde explains that she baptized the baby with the name Faith but that must stay between them as it is illegal to baptize a child who is not living. Mother Hildegarde brings in a priest to hear confession but Claire isn't willing to give up her sins, as they are all she's left with.

Bouton sits watch over her.
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Later (who knows when), Master Raymond appears and removes the puerperal fever, also known as childbed fever from Claire with what we can only assume is magic. At the end, Raymond has Claire call out to Jamie, knowing of her deep connection with him. Raymond quickly hides as Sister Angelique appears. Claire tells the Sister she is well and to tell Mother Superior.

Raymond returns to wish Claire well and says, "Be well, Madonna." Claire tells him she has no child and is no Madonna. Raymond replies that he's called her that because of the blue aura (if you will) that glows around her like the Virgin Mary's cloak... like his own aura. Raymond disappears again when Mother Hildegarde returns declaring Claire's renewed health a miracle.Claire asks for Jamie and Mother Hildegarde explains Jamie is in the bastille for dueling and will be there until the King is so inclined to release him. She let's Claire know this is better than if his opponent had died. The English officer still lives though he is terribly injured (God, if it were only worse that it is... let that man die).

Claire is angry and tells Mother that Jamie betrayed her because his vengeance meant more to him than his family. She says, "He may as well have run his sword through me." Claire doesn't believe there is a sea deep enough to toss her anger into.

Fergus comes to L’Hôpital and returns with Claire. When Claire returns home there is a line of servants waiting to greet her and when she gets to Suzette the woman bursts into tears. Claire is barely holding it together and when she reaches Magnus she stops him from bowing. She then curtsy to Magnus thanking him for his help and getting her to L’Hôpital.

Later, Claire can barely stand to be alone and takes a look at the apostle spoons before shoving them under the bed. She leaves the room, not doubt because of them memories, and in the hall hears Fergus crying out in his sleep. Claire rushes to his side and asks him to tell her about his dream. Fergus informs her it wasn't a dream and recounts going to Maison Elise with Jamie and how he'd thought to steal some perfume for Milady. He pulls the bottle of lavender from under his pillow and Claire clearly knows what happened.

Fergus goes on to tell her he told the Englishman that Milord was there but the Englishman didn't care. Fergus flashes back to being dumped over the bed while Black Jack assaults him. Fergus tells Claire he didn't say anything because he was ashamed and he tried to be quiet but he cried out and Milord heard. Jamie burst in pulling Randall from Fergus but is waylaid by other though Jamie tells Randall they will duel. Claire tries to tell Fergus it isn't his fault but he feels as though it is because he didn't know Milord would fight the Englishman and now he's gone and won't come back.

Claire goes to Mother Hildegarde for an audience to the King (remember she's the old Sun King's goddaughter) and Mother thinks Claire has found a sea deep enough. Claire states she's found out the reason for Jamie's actions and he is still the father of her child. Mother believes the King will want to lie with her as payment and Claire is willing to add her virtue to the many things she's lost in Paris.

At Versailles, Claire meets with the King who serves her hot chocolate (new from Spain) and an orange. Claire tells the King why she si there and Louis tells her that Jamie has broken a royal decree. Claire claims it is his Scottish blood that makes him prone to fierceness and that she'd be MOST grateful for his help. Louis remarks about her loyalty when he realizes she's been married before and wears both her husbands rings.

Instead of leading Claire to the bed, he takes her into the Star Chamber which is where he plans to user her abilities as La Dame Blanche to figure out which man has evil inside of him. Monsieur Forez comes into the room followed by St. Germain and Raymond who are being tired for sorcery. Claire puts on a bit of a show and tells Germain he has darkness in him and she sees the name Les Disciples.

St. Germain lashes out, calling her a witch and a liar, telling everyone there he poisoned Claire and she survived. Claire announces she's a white witch and only practices white magic. Claire then announces that the evil she sees in these men are in all men including Kings. Louis is not impressed and calls for the serpent which can be handled by those who are Godly. Claire interrupts this stupid plan by suggesting she poison them and if they survive then they are good men.

Claire puts some bitter cascara into some wine and gives it to Raymond who doubles over and then steadies himself. When he hands back the cup, Claire's necklace changes from white to black and the Comte knows it is poison. Raymond has used slight of hand to really poison the wine. The Comte stalls but is commanding by the King to drink. When he does he fall over dead much to the satisfaction of the King and Raymond. Raymond is sent from France while Claire is taken to the bedchamber for Louis payment.

Louis is brief as Claire thinks of England. When finished Louis tells Claire he will arrange the pardon for the duel and one with the English crown if then are inclined to go home to Scotland. Before Claire leaves she takes the orange Louis gave her.

At home, Jamie arrives with a full beard and while Claire tries to ignore him she has trouble especially when he asks if she'll make him beg. He doesn't know if his child was a boy or a girl. Claire relates the story and how Faith is buried in the cemetery next to the convent.

Jamie tells her he tried to keep his promise and Claire tells him she found out what Randall did to Fergus and she knows Jamie couldn't let that go unanswered. But Claire can't look at Jamie which makes him wonder if she hates him to which she replies, "I did hate you."

Claire relates to Jamie how Mother Hildegarde let her see and hold Faith so she wouldn't wonder. Claire holds, rocks and sings ("Oh I do like to be beside the seaside") to Faith. She tells Jamie, "She was beautiful... and so small. I could cup her head in the palm of my hand. Her ears stuck out just a little. You could see the light through them. The light through her skin, as well... like the light on a peril, still wet from the sea. Her eyes were closed. No lashes yet. They were slanted a bit. Like yours. She had wisps of the most... beautiful copper hair."

Claire then remembers she rocked and sang to Claire all day until Louise came and approaches Claire calling her ma chere. Claire shows Louise Faith saying, "She's beautiful, isn't she?" Louise agrees calling Faith an angel and then gently asks if she can hold her. Claire's fantasy world has now been shattered and she crouches over Faith briefly before tearfully handing Faith over to Louise who passes the baby to Mother Hildegarde and then trying to comfort Claire who refuses and curls up crying.

Back at Jared's house, Claire tells him she did hate him but then she says it was her fault. She asked the impossible of him. She says she put Frank before their family and then followed him to the woods. Jamie tells her Frank was also her family but Claire states that Frank wasn't there and now their daughter isn't either. Claire tells him it isn't her fault and it isn't Randall's either, it is her fault. Jamie tells her he has forgiven her already for anything she could possibly do. And then Claire confesses she gave herself to Louis for his freedom and Jamie reminds her he did the same to save her from Randall.

Jamie then tells her they will carry this grief together and by the Grace of God they might have another child. Claire tells Jamie to take her home to Scotland. But before they can go they both go to Faith's grave. Jamie leaves the Saint Andrew apostle spoon which is the patron of Scotland (leaving some of Scotland behind).

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